Thursday, 21 February 2013

Apartments Vs Hotels: A Comparison

When traveling to London, either for pleasure or business, a large majority of tourists or businessmen look to hotels for their accommodations. The reason for this is quite easy – a hotel is the most popular type of accommodation for travelers mainly because it is top of mind. But there are other choices that are available for them. One of these choices are London serviced apartments.

A growing number of travelers are finding that serviced apartments have undeniable advantages over hotels. See for yourself:


As a general rule of thumb, serviced apartments are cheaper when compared to the cost of a hotel stay. There are many factors that affect cost and one reason hotels are more expensive is because you also pay for the “privilege” of staying at a place that has an established name. Hotels are also more expensive because the upkeep cost is higher. Apartments, on the other hand, are more low maintenance.

Cost also comes into play when considering how much you spend on yourself – food, utilities, etc. Serviced apartments usually have their own kitchen and this means a lot of savings on food costs. You can just cook your favourite dishes in your apartment as opposed to spending money on restaurants. The savings can potentially be a lot. 

For corporate travelers, getting an apartment with more than one room is also a great way of saving money. Many serviced apartments offer two to three bedroom apartments. You and you colleagues can stay in the apartment and this can translate into tremendous savings.


You often get more for what you pay for in a serviced apartment. Apartments are more spacious than hotel rooms and offer more amenities – for example, you can have a living area, dining area, kitchen and sometimes, even a spare room and a balcony. A hotel room is usually just a box with a window, a bed, a table and a telly. The larger space serviced apartments offer makes entertaining guests easier and if you plan to stay in London for weeks or months, you won’t feel boxed in or claustrophobic.


Many serviced apartments are located right in the middle of the city. This makes it extremely convenient to go around London either for business or pleasure. Hotels are usually situated near the outskirts of the city so commuting to and from the hotel can prove to be a challenge.

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